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We are Sloecentrale

Sloe Centrale is a subsidiary of EP Nederland and, together with PZEM, is part of the EPH group. Partly thanks to the flexibility of the Sloe power plant, EP Netherlands - in collaboration with PZEM - can respond quickly to changing market conditions such as gas prices, sustainable energy sources and network conditions. Sloe Centrale is ISO 9001 (quality) 14001 (environment) ISO 45001 (health and safety), ISO 27001 (information security) and ISO 55001 (asset management) certified.

Our vision

We generate flexible and reliable output of electricity and therefore contribute to the energy transition by complementing wind and solar energy. Our drivers are Safety first, Operational Excellence and Customer intimacy. We minimize our environmental impact as much as possible. We believe in the development of our professionals to build a sustainable organization. With the support of our people we keep our competitive edge.

Market outlook

After a decade of commercial operation, Sloe Centrale is well recognized as being a reliable, safe and efficient plant operator. Nevertheless, the European energy market is facing structural changes and the predictability of its evolution, depending on various criteria, remains a challenge. To cope with this challenge and maintain a front position in the CCGT merit order, Sloe Centrale will invest the coming years in several technical optimizations of the plant, related to response and flexibility.

Sloe Centrale and corporate social responsibility

Sloe Centrale B.V. is socially involved within the Zeeland region. Over the years, various activities have been set in motion with a lot of commitment from employees. Participation in the spinning marathons for Kika and the Ride for the Roses for example. We are also active in circular economy finding a valuable destination for upgraded equipment, such as coffee machines and mobile devices but also work clothing. Finally, we sponsor local initiatives and projects that help to improve the quality of life within Zeeland, educational projects and projects to improve the local environment.

Initiatives and projects can be made known through our staff as well as by completing the form below.

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Our plant



Sloecentrale's generation capacity is 870 MW (megawatt). This capacity is equal to the average consumption of 2 million households.
870 MW


Sloecentrale has a very high level of efficiency .
Efficiency of


Sloecentrale's flexibility allows us to react to the ever-changing energy demands.
Start-up time
34 minutes


Sloecentrale is built with full consideration for the environment. 
Amidst the fossil-fueled power plants it stands out for its clean technology with emission of CO2 357 g /kWh and Low Emission of NOx
50% lower CO2 than an average coal fired power plant.
50% lower CO2
than an average coal fired power plant.

Technical features

Two units (CCGT)

435 MW each Configuration: Single shaft 1x1x1


Natural gas


Single shaft 1x1x1

Gas turbine


290 MegaWatt
Dry low NOx burners

Steam turbine

Siemens SST5-5000
135 MW

115 bar, 540°C, 72kg/s


Triple pressure
CMI boiler

HP section
Benson® Technology

Our policies

“To maintain the high quality of Sloecentrale, we frequently assess and adapt our organisation, processes and workflows.”
Martin Jongepier Plant Director


Being a reliable, efficient generator is essential to optimally operate and maintain the power plant. To ensure sustainability of our business, we make our workflow processes lean and well-described. Also, we make sure our employees maintain a high level of skills anticipating today’s and tomorrow’s needs. We understand the market and spot value-adding opportunities between us and our stakeholders
“Ask anyone around here about the values of Sloecentrale. Safety always comes up first”
Peter Almekinders - QHSE officer

Health and safety

At Sloe Centrale, zero harm is our permanent target. Sloe Centrale’s management is responsible for health and safety of employees, contractors and visitors. It’s safety first at Sloe Centrale, no matter how important a job is. Our managers, employees and contractors are trained and informed as required. All assets are in good condition and comply with safety standards. Risk prevention, health and safety improvement are fully integrated in the management system.
“I find it gratifying to be working in a green plant. We take the environment into consideration in more ways than one: from emission to fish return system”
Larissa Zuidhof - Chemical Technician


Sloe Centrale is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of its power generation. Business cannot prevail above environmental regulations and care for the environment is our moral obligation. For example, we minimize our emissions, heat discharge and waste as much as possible.
“Our employees are encouraged to base their professional relationships on listening, dialogue, confidence and team spirit. It brings pleasure and efficiency.”
Gido Luijs Commercial & Finance Director


The way we do things is essential to ensure sustainable high performances. Our success and reputation depend on working together, to progress and aim for excellence and our integrity and honesty in doing business. Therefore, our core values are trust and respect for individuals, results through teamwork, uncompromising integrity and respect for stakeholders
“Information security is a continuous process, in which the cybersecurity component is of great importance. This is reflected in, among other things, the most recent ISO 27001:2022 standard, but also the risk-based supervision of the energy sector.”
Ronald Caljouw Application Engineer/Cybersecurity Officer

Information security

By adopting a risk-based approach to information security, Sloecentrale can better protect its sensitive information assets and reduce the likelihood of data breaches, financial losses, and reputational damage.
“Following the standard, embedding Plan-Do-Check-Act in every business process, increases the likelihood of even higher plant availability.”
Johan Nieuwenhuijze Technical Manager

Asset Management

Sloecentrale applies the highest standard for keeping the buildings and machines in good condition in the most efficient way according to the Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) principle.

Our workforce

"The advanced technology of the Sloecentrale does not make all. The professionalism and dedication of our employees is our most precious asset."
Gido Luijs Commercial & Finance Director
Gido Luijs Commercial & Finance Director

Man and machine

The Sloecentrale is a wonderful combination of man and machine. At Sloe Centrale BV, people make the technology function at its best. Close to fifty people are employed and divided into three departments: Operations, Technical (Containing team Maintenance and team Engineering) and Staff.


This department is responsible for the operation of the power plant, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Technical - Maintenance

The daily task of this department is to coordinate and manage all maintenance and ensure that the plant is always in an optimal and reliable condition.

Technical - Engineering

They support both the department Operations and team Maintenance with its technological know-how. Engineering also keeps track of all (technological) developments to improve processes.


Covers management, technical support services and other general support services, to keep Sloe Centrale in working order. This department contains a variety of functions, from safety & environment professionals, to administration and facility.

Personal development

Sloe Centrale BV relies on its people and values their development. Whether in their personal lives or to sustain their professional ambitions. We stimulate employees to keep developing and give them the chance to use their creativity. Giving employees the opportunity to follow several learning and training programs ensures that knowledge of safety and efficiency is up to date.


Our people are highly skilled and well equipped for their jobs and are constantly challenged to develop their competences. Interested in a position at Sloe Centrale BV?

Find out if we have a vacancy: www.werkenbijsloecentrale.nl

Would you like to send an open application? Mail to info@sloecentrale.nl We will handle your application with care as we value your interest in our company.

Trainee positions

Sloe Centrale BV has several years of experience in training interns. We are recognized as a learning company and we can accompany students who are interested in working with us. Interns get the opportunity to learn and experience working life and we get to hear new ideas and a fresh look on our company and processes. We offer internships in different departments.

Interested in an internship at Sloecentrale? Mail to info@sloecentrale.nl

Our suppliers

At Sloe Centrale we value our suppliers. We believe that a good relationship with our suppliers will give both businesses increased strength. We always seek to build constructive relationships and treat our suppliers as valuable business partners. Sloe Centrale operates in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible manner. We require that our suppliers share our commitments and aspirations and to also meet our code of conduct. By working together in this manner, a valuable win-win situation is created.

Commercial conditions

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